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First, let me apologize that this website is about 10 years too late.  Maybe more.

Over the past decade-plus, as I’ve honed my marketing skills, built my experience, and worked to schlep software solutions both large and small, I’ve been an avid reader of other people’s blogs.  Frequently, I’ve either thought, “What the hell is that person thinking?” or “Damn, they are dead on!”  But I rarely added my own two cents and that gnawed at me.  So much so that, a few years ago, my New Year’s resolution was to comment on every article that I read online that year!

As time passed, I kept thinking that maybe my thoughts, views, and opinions wouldn’t be interesting to others, or that I didn’t want to make a strong statement about something and have it open to counter views and negative opinions.  But then I started to change and see the web for what it is:  an immense outlet for EVERYONE’S views and opinions.

(Via Flickr: Brightening by Nicholas_TÂ used under a Creative Commons license)

I also started to feel as though my marketing skills were too attached to my employers’ brands and success (or lack thereof), and not attached enough to my own brand and my own success.  As with any profession, a marketers’ success is primarily based on that person’s ability to market creatively, aggressively, and intelligently.  But as everyone knows, many things are outside of your control:  ample budgets to really make an impact, effective sales

execution to close deals, solid engineering resources to develop killer solutions, a market that slides into recession, lack of a cohesive corporate strategy, effective employee retention… OK, now it looks like I’m passing the blame to everyone but marketing.  I’m not.  I’m just realizing that it’s up to me to build my brand, not be so attached to the brands of past employers.

So, finally, I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my many views and reviews on tech marketing, with a little sprinkling of gadgets and apps for good measure.  Please feel free to comment your positive, negative, and other opinions. I sure have posted my flames, gushes, and veiled marketing messages over the years, so please feel free to do the same here.

Bottom line:  This blog is designed as an outlet for my marketing ideas and I hope you enjoy what you read (or it at least makes you think).  If not, or if you never even read it, that’s OK.  But if you contribute to the conversation, even better!

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