Even with a lot of dollars invested in digital photography equipment over the years, I only manage to get a hit rate of about one good photo to a few hundred snaps.  It also doesn’t help that we tend to purchase the largest capacity memory cards available, which enable us to be “memory gluttons” and take five or six hundred photos over the course of a week’s vacation.  Here, I’ll just post a few of my favs that fall into the category of, “Hmmm, that’s not so bad.”

Currently, I’m enamored with the camera on my HTC One phone, which bucked the megapixel trend and went with a smaller-than-typical 4MP sensor that was touted to capture more light and thus take better photos. While that’s true, the real hidden gem of the HTC One is the Zoe camera feature, which takes a 3-second video with each photo (1 second before you tap the shutter and 2 second after!). It’s great for making sure subject eyes are open or for deleting the random photobomber, but it’s BEST feature, by far, is the way it stitches together photos and video clips into a highlight video. It does this automatically, adds filters and music, and it’s amazing. Check out this great example:

My Album

From My Nexus One

Pismo Beach
Memorial Day Weekend @ Pismo Beach
I just *loved* my Google Phone! Why? Well, one major reason is the stellar camera on that darn thing. I’m continually amazed at the colors, focus, and crispness of outdoor photos take with no thought as to the settings…because they are fairly limited. Regardless, I think you’ll agree that this shot of Pismo Beach is pretty nice!

Tsukiji Fish Market, 11/06/09

Sarah at the Tsukiji Fish Market
Amazed at all the fishes
For my “recent” 40th birthday, the DW and I headed to Tokyo for a quick weekend of amazing sushi. In this photo, @sarahkay was somewhere between amazed and nauseous at all of the fish, fish parts, and unidentifiable sea creatures at the Tsukiji Fish Market.  It’s one of my all-time favorite photos! 🙂

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