13plymouth Android App Currently #7

Wow, who knew? I stumbled across my 13plymouth app’s listing today – which gives you constant mobile access to all of my wonderful musings – to discover that I’m currently #7 in Amazon’s Android Appstore’s “Magazine” category!  That’s awesome!

13plymouth, the app
We're number 7! We're number 7!

This has been a great day with respect to apps:  First this, then my HulaCopter iPhone app has it’s biggest one-day volume of downloads ever!  And the day’s not over yet.  So – shameless plug – if you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, use HulaCopter to find amazing last-minute deals on fun things to do.  We’ve been mentioned on a few blogs so far, but are just getting underway.  Currently, HulaCopter covers Oahu, but we’ll be expanding to other islands and the mainland soon.

By the way, here’s the rest of 13plymouth’s “ranking” on Amazon’s Appstore.  I’m not sure if this means my app is great, or if no one is using the store…

  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #4,621 Free in Appstore for Android
  • #7 in Appstore for Android > Magazines

Just FYI, this is all public information that anyone can see on Amazon.com.  My developer account on Amazon provides a bit more info, but not much.  However, it’s still much more than Apple provides their app developers.

I’ll save this rant for another post, but it’s disgusting how little data Apple provides their developers.  I get nothing other than number of downloads per day by country.  Nothing!  Sure, they want you to build that data collection into your app, but c’mon.  No device stats?  No iOS version stats?  No referral data?  No iTunes ‘times viewed’ data?

Grrr!  But I’ll save that for another day.  Today, I love Android even more!  (The fact that I finally rooted my Nexus One and flashed Miui probably has something to do with it…)

Aloha and mahalo!

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